The TOEFL® iBT Listening Section

The Listening Section tests your ability to understand spoken English as it is heard in North America. It includes comprehension passages with natural speech at a rate that is normal for native speakers and a style that is appropriate for campus conversations and academic classroom interactions.

During the test, you will respond to two conversations and four lectures. The lectures are about 5 minutes long. Each conversation and lecture begins with a picture to provide orientation. There are several pictures and visual cues with lectures.

After each conversation or lecture, you will have five or six questions to answer. Choose the best answer for multiple-choice questions. Follow the directions on the page or on the screen for computer-assisted questions. Click on Next to go to the next question. You cannot return to previous questions.

People have 25 minutes to answer all of the questions. A clock on the screen will show you how much time you have to complete your answers for the section. The clock does not count the time you are listening to the conversations and lectures.

Independent Listening: Example Conversation

In the independent listening tasks, you will hear long conversations, class discussions, and lectures in an academic setting. They include natural pauses and they are presented at a normal rate for native speakers. You may take notes. After each conversation, discussion, or lecture, you will hear several questions. After every multiple-choice question, choose the best answer choice from four possible answers. After every computer-assisted question, follow the special directions on the screen to complete the answer.

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