The standard application requirements include: 1) Application Form 2) Application Fees 2) Letter of Recommendation(s) 3) Essays/SOP 4) Resume 5) Standardized test results 6) English proficiency results 7) Transcripts

Many schools ask for awards and recognition. What can I enter here?

Given the space constraint, select awards and recognitions that are more recent and showcase larger impact. Since the prompt says “recognition” you can mention anything you consider a special recognition as well – just explain why it was special / unique / out of the ordinary.  It should classify as an accomplishment.

What is early decision?

Early decision (ED) is an admissions term used by colleges. By choosing to apply ED to a college, the applicant signals that this institution is his or her top choice.

Can I submit my GMAT/ GRE/ TOEFEL/ IELTS scores to colleges after I submit my applications? How long can I wait post submitting my application?

Each college maintains distinct process guidelines. Please check the respective college websites for instructions on submitting scores. Most colleges will require you to submit scores before the application deadline.

When should I apply for scholarships?

Each college offers distinct scholarship programs. We suggest you check on the individual college website to understand what they offer and the rules and deadlines for the same.

Some colleges will automatically consider you for a scholarship based on your college application and some will require a separate scholarship application to be completed. Please check the respective college websites for information on how to apply for their scholarships.

Should I upload my documents in word or pdf?

Each college maintains distinct process guidelines. Please check the respective college websites for instructions on uploading documents. Unless otherwise specified, please upload the document in pdf.

Are my documents confidential?

All documents and interactions between ABE and the students are strictly confidential. We strongly suggest not sharing details of your sessions/documents with any friends.

Do you offer a combo pack for counselling session and college selection?

Counselling session and college selection are two different services and are therefore conducted separately.
We recommend you begin with a counselling session so that we can take stock of your profile and determine next steps to enhance it.

College selection will be conducted closer to applications with your strengthened profile and after you have incorporated the suggestions made by the counselor.

What is the difference between counselling and college selection?

Counseling: This service is recommended at least 4 years prior to application till 1 month before starting your applications.

College selection: You will be asked to fill in a detailed form prior to your session. Your counselor will do an in-depth analysis of your profile and goals and end this session with a finite list of colleges.

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