The Danish Mindset

Danish are democratic, tolerant, open-minded and hard working. Despite their Viking ancestry, they are more interested in keeping a low profile and enjoying a high standard of living than conquering the world. The country has an unwritten code of conduct based on modesty and egalitarianism and Danes will go out of their way to avoid ostentation and showing off.

Danes also favor hygge, an untranslatable word that means comfort, warmth and cosines, which is aspired to in any situation, whether it is the home environment or one’s relationship with one’s boss.

Danes are highly patriotic and will fly a flag from a pole in their front garden, or even plant one on their allotment. They feel lucky to be Danish and slightly superior to their neighbors, particularly the Swedes, whom they see as lacking in culture, although the other Nordic countries are, of course, their main trading partners.

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