The PTE (Pearson Test of English) Writing section is one of the four main sections of the PTE Academic exam, which is a computer-based English language proficiency test used for academic and immigration purposes. The PTE Writing section assesses your ability to produce written English in an academic context.

The PTE Writing section consists of two tasks:

  1. Summarize Written Text: In this task, you’ll be presented with a passage of text (usually around 300 words) and asked to summarize it in one sentence. You’ll need to condense the main ideas and key points of the passage into a single, grammatically correct sentence. This task assesses your ability to comprehend and synthesize written information concisely.

  2. Write Essay: In this task, you’ll be given a prompt or statement on a particular topic and asked to write an essay in response. You’ll need to present and support your opinion, provide relevant examples or evidence, and organize your ideas coherently. This task evaluates your ability to develop and express ideas effectively in written English.

The PTE Writing section is scored based on the following criteria:

  • Content: The relevance, completeness, and clarity of your response to the task.
  • Form: The organization, structure, and coherence of your writing.
  • Grammar: The accuracy and complexity of your grammar and sentence structures.
  • Vocabulary: The range, appropriateness, and accuracy of your vocabulary choices.
  • Spelling: The accuracy of your spelling.

Your performance on each task is scored separately, and your scores range from 10 to 90 for each task, with higher scores indicating higher proficiency in writing skills. Additionally, your overall writing score is calculated as the average of your scores on the two tasks.

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