Overcome Financial Barrier for Studying Abroad

It is observed that the number of students going abroad for higher education and job opportunities has increased considerably over the past few years.  Overseas education has a lot of advantages such as the quality of education in world renowned universities, exposure level, high income jobs and the overall infrastructure of the foreign country. Despite of all these driving factors, there is a financial constraint due to which some students are not able to execute their overseas education procedure. However, there are certain ways by which you can overcome the financial barriers:

Scholarships can Reduce the Expense

At Academy of British English, we provide IELTS Preparation classes where guidance regarding scholarships at various universities all over the world is given to the students. According to the applied course, student can check the eligibility of scholarship available for international students. If a student is able to attain the scholarship, then the course fee gets reduced considerable thereby affecting the overall expenditure.

Education Loans

Education loan proves to be of great help when you are going abroad for education as there are a lot of expenses including accommodation, food, travel and other day to day expense. A student should apply for an education loan which can help him take care of the financial factor. ABE also provides education loan assistance to help students.

Part – time Jobs

Students can opt for part-time jobs while studying the course as it can help them bear the expenses. There are several options for part-time jobs for international students for which they are paid on hourly basis. You need to research as all the countries do not permit for working part-time on study visa.

 On – Campus Jobs

Students can also look for on-campus job opportunities as there are several part-time jobs available on the university campus.  These jobs can help you manage your finances as colleges offer fee-deduction or some salary in lieu of the services provided by the students. For proper knowledge and guidance of all aspects, you can join Academy of British English and get prepared for IELTS Exam

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