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If you are planning for higher education abroad, then there are countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and New Zealand among others. According to a recent survey, Australia is found to be the most expensive destination worldwide.

Students prefer Australia as one of the best options for higher education as there are a lot of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The infrastructure and facilities are very good in every university as the quality of education are high.

The research report by banking giant HSBC, which surveyed 15 countries, said an overseas student would need the US $42,000 a year to meet university fees and living costs in Australia.


Despite the cost, the United States was regarded as offering the highest quality of education, followed by Britain and Germany with Australia only ranked fourth, said the study released late Wednesday.

It is noticed that the main reasons to send children overseas are the acquisition of foreign languages, international experience, and independence,” said HSBC’s head of wealth management Simon Williams.

Financial constraint is also one of the biggest factors influencing the choice of the country as cost of living is considered along with fee expenses. An overall expenditure is responsible for deciding the University and country.

Other countries such as USA, Canada, New Zealand and the UK has a lower fee in comparison to the high ranking of universities of these countries.

Most expensive countries for international students are Australia, Singapore, United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Canada, France, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Mexico, and India.

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