High-class study abroad education for affordable price?

Some of the countries which provide high class education abroad with affordable price are as follows:







But the education system in India is not only one of the best educational systems in the world but also one of the most affordable counties to study in.

Let me explain you why.

You will see and experience things that open your eyes to a whole new manifestation of life in our modern age. Studying in India means facing the entire spectrum of the human spirit, experience, and resilience (and all the good and the bad that comes with it).

According to the recent research by Fairfax foreign currency exchange, “India is one of the most cost-effective places to study”.

With so much progress underway in the world’s most populous democracy, you may be wondering whether studying in India can help you reach your own academic goals.

Here are some quick facts that make India the rising country for higher education:

  • India is among the top 5 countries globally in present research output, with 23 universities ranking high in global top 200!
  • In the last 20 years alone, 6 Indian scholars have been awarded the Nobel Prize across varied categories.
  • India has 700+ universities with over 35000 colleges in higher education; in fact, it is the second largest educational hub in the world.
  • ICCR (Indian Council of Cultural Relations) yearly offers over 3,350+ scholarships to international students for traditional courses ranging from Indian classical dance, Ayurveda, and music and various other programmes.
  • ICCR scholars are today enrolled in more than 120 institutions, including the top IITs and NITs, sectors across 18 states. Most students are from SAARC and African countries.
  • India’s higher education institutions are led by the highest standards of morals and accountability, with every individual being accredited and peer-reviewed.
  • With well and student-oriented learning-driven model of education, India has not only surpassed its enrollment numbers but has spectacularly enhanced its learning outcomes.
  • The promise of excellence and equity has made India’s higher education system worth imitating.
  • Over the years, with the evolution of the ‘knowledge economy’, learning and work have become indivisible, making on-the-job learning and up-gradation a requisite.
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